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We would like to let you know about the activities of Celia – život bez lepku (Celia – the gluten-free life) which helps celiac people and their families to manage the difficult life with gluten-free diet. We would also like to offer you the basic information regarding gluten-free alimentation and shopping opportunities in the Czech Republic, especially in Liberec region.







Restaurants and fast-foods


Despite the fact that the Czech regulation specifies the allergens marking of marketed meals, usually you cannot rely on that. Our experiences indicate that the meal which is not marked as gluten-containing could be contaminated with gluten or can be made of gluten-containing ingredients. The most of restaurants consider the food safe just because they did not add flour into it. That is the reason why it is not safe to eat in ordinary restaurants. Fast-foods are the similar issue.










The situation in stores is different. You can buy the basic gluten-free food like bakery products, pasta, gluten-free flour etc. in every supermarket. In the ordinary supermarkets, you can also buy gluten-free meat products, cheese and other products. The marking of gluten occurrence is reliable because producers observe the regulation regarding the gluten marking. That means that you can consider gluten-free those products which do not have gluten in ingredients list. It is the same as in other European countries.









It is possible to buy the basic range of gluten-free products in every pharmacy as well. However it is usually not available in stock, so it is necessary to order it. The delivery is very quick, so if you order in the morning, you can get in the afternoon. If you order in the afternoon, you can get in the morning next day. The range of products and order numbers (called APA code) are available on the internet or right in the pharmacy.







The basic gluten-free goods can be bought also in special healthy food stores and DM drugstores (DM is a business brand of drugstores network).










Dictionary of important words that can be seen on products:




Czech English
Lepek Gluten
Bez lepku Gluten-free (literally: without gluten)
Neobsahuje lepek Gluten-free (literally: it does not contain gluten)
Bezlepkové Gluten-free
Přirozeně bezlepkové Naturally gluten-free
Může obsahovat stopy lepku It may contain traces of gluten







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